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David Sidwell

I've been in business now for over 35 years, as worker, manager, director, through to owner and investor.

Since 2003 I've helped owners of independent businesses at all stages: start up, growth, recruitment, financing, troubleshooting and in several cases, to a very profitable exit.

In many cases, driving sales growth is a primary task, but in all businesses there are things to be worked on: more effective management processes, a sharper customer offering, or raising finance.

But whatever the situation, my goal is to be rapidly up to speed, delivering fresh ideas, and new ways of approaching old issues.

Above all, I really enjoy what I do, and usually that sense of energy and fun injects a momentum that makes for much quicker results. If you scroll down, you’ll find my contact details – I look forward to hearing from you...

Recent video shown at the 10th birthday party for one of the companies David’s worked with
Redzebra Software
Frank Taylor and Associates
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