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How to inspire a positive mood - In yourself and others

It’s hard to be on top form every day. But as a Leader it's your job to get yourself – and everyone around you – to that 10/10 feeling that is essential for top performance.

So if you feel your mood needs a lift, here's what to do.....actively, consciously break the pattern: don’t just sit there! Do something different to pro-actively lift your mood...

Ideas to get yourself to a 10...

  • Rewrite your ToDo List
  • Put the kettle on
  • Have a fag
  • Eat some chocolate
  • Tell a joke
  • Get momentum by doing an easy thing first
  • Get momentum by doing a hard thing
  • Go for a short walk
  • Ask “What would the best manager in the world do right now?”

Ideas to get others to a 10...

  • Compliment them (“...been meaning to mention how well you...” Then “How’s project X going?”)
  • Involve them in problem definition
  • Break the pattern (go outside, move to the canteen)
  • Introduce a game or competition (“who can define the most options? and buy the winner lunch)
  • Ask people to run five minute courses on their specialist topics.

Whatever you do, don't be boring!

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