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If you think training’s expensive, try ignorance.

The older I get, the more I seem to be morphing into a trainer: I’ve developed a whole series of workshops on sales and management development. But still I meet people who are hesitant to take time out to learn new skills and perspectives. So here’s a few quotes that put training into context:

I’ll start with my favourite:
“There’s only one thing worse than training your good people and having them leave. And that’s not training your average people and having them stay.”
Henry Ford

“You’ve only got a limited bubble of experience in your entire life, and you’re going to perform better if you can build from a larger set of experiences than you can have personally.”
Frank Rose

“The people who are most effective are those with the greatest number of choices and perspectives. Excellence comes from having multiple choices. Wisdom comes from having multiple perspectives.”
Robert Dilts

And finally one from the master of one-liners:
“Personally, I’m always ready to learn. But I do not always like being taught.”
Winston Churchill.

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