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Founded in 2008, Avecto are worldwide leaders in IT security and privilege management, with offices in Manchester, Boston, and Melbourne. In 2014 the company was rated the fastest growing software company in the UK by Deloittes. The company's acceleration is being maintained quarter by quarter, and revenues are now approaching £30m, with more than 50% being generated in the U.S. In late 2015, the company attracted a $50m investment to maintain its growth and worldwide expansion. Paul Kenyon is one of the founders of the company, and is responsible for the company’s sales and marketing worldwide.


"I’ve worked with David on strategy, business development, and salesforce leadership in three companies now.

Over the years, I’ve come to regard David as a personal mentor, always there to support me, helping me work through my business and personal challenges. His advice has never failed to help me, whatever the problem - organisational, managerial, or market/product related, the guidance I receive is fresh, insightful, and always very practical.

He is articulate, intelligent, imaginative and full of common sense. His advice has no backswing - up to speed straightaway, adding value from the word go.

In terms of business strategy he is outstanding at formulating and articulating strategy, and without doubt one of the best I’ve ever met at crystallizing the company pitch and presenting it to C level executives.

In terms of sales force development, I have now twice worked with David to develop a new sales method. In each case he then built a tailored sales training program, and delivered it to each of my worldwide sales teams using role plays based on real life customer situations. He’s run them in the UK and the US, and in each case his delivery was so persuasive and inspiring it was a joy to see the sales team respond with real vigour and enthusiasm."

Many individuals refer back to David’s sessions and mentoring as one of the defining motivational moments of their careers."

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