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RedZebra Software

Redzebra was founded in 2005 by Richard Crafts, a specialist in the automated management of field service operations. The company has designed and developed an integrated field service management solution now used by over 100 clients across many businesses: medical equipment, heating and refrigeration, security, and telecommunications.

RedZebra Software

"By 2012, Redzebra Software had established a strong niche in the field service software marketplace, but had become more than a startup – it was an organisation, a far more complex entity than when I founded it. Over the last five years, David has been helping me develop my business, and his experience has been fundamental to delivering a three-fold increase in our sales.

Every month, we meet to discuss the state of play and our major initiatives. With the business growing fast, David has been especially helpful to me as the number of deals and tricky implementation situations increases. I’ve asked him to help break through log jams in all areas of operations, including sales, marketing, accounting, telemarketing, support, development.

He rapidly builds rapport with people of all levels and knows how to get the best out of their abilities. All my team enjoy the way he puts them at ease and builds confidence and motivates individual success.

However complex the scenario, and however unclear the way forward, David is never short of ideas and creative, practical suggestions. He takes care to properly understand situations, and then breaks them down and helps me to define a clear, profitable plans of action.

It’s always a pleasure to work with David, he makes the hard work of business feel much more like fun and always re-ignites my enthusiasm and motivation to build my business. After a session with David I feel pumped and motivated to make things happen."

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Redzebra Software
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