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Chris Scanlon is an independent Chartered Accountant with 30 years’ experience in fast moving, entrepreneurial companies. He started his working life with PWC, and after 4 years as Finance Director at Cellnet, was Finance Director at Thames Trains where he led both the Management Buy Out as part of the government privatisation of the Railways, and the subsequent highly successful exit via Trade Sale. Chris has spent the last 10 years as a financial specialist in the SME sector, and has worked with David on strategy, management, and salesforce development in three separate companies, and served as a fellow Non-Executive Director with David at Skillweb Ltd.


"I’ve worked with David since 2010. He’s a great person to work with – challenging, insightful, able to get to the heart of the matter under discussion quickly and thoroughly engage those around him in getting that problem solved.

He is highly intelligent, astute, and very effective at all levels in a company, but perhaps his greatest strength is his courage in grasping the big nettles rather than avoiding them. In those situations I particularly admire his ability to challenge tactfully but with real insight and impact. He has an unerring strategic view of how and where a business could be most effective, and has had a significant beneficial impact on the companies we have worked in together.

In one case, David delivered an astonishing result for a relatively small company in negotiations with a much larger company. He helped to secure a very favourable contract over a number of years – well above what the owner might have been able to achieve on his own.

David is also very effective in a training situation. He uses his insightfulness to assess what is important to people and draws on that to pull the best out of them.

I always enjoy working with David and always feel comfortable going into unknown situations: he will always deliver a positive outcome from any situation, for everyone involved."

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