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Money is a hygiene factor: get it wrong, and your employees can never get it off their minds. But once their money's about right, it ceases to be a motivator...so what is?[Read more]

Today, when you’re tempted to say something in a meeting or phone call, bite your tongue.[Read more]

Having just read Theo Paphitis' 10 Rules for Business Success, thought you might find them inspiring and very practical too....[Read more]

It’s unavoidable, there are times in business when things aren’t going well, when we need to deliver not-so-good feedback, or full-on bad news to people about what they’re doing, or how they do it.[Read more]

Ok, you’re inspiring, focussed on success, driving progress with self-belief and integrity - there’s no-one with more belief and courage than you. You’re a Leader.[Read more]

If you're interviewing, beware....according to the Which? CV and Interview Handbook, you can't ask...[Read more]

It’s happened to all of us: we’re driving a new project, proposing change, and the other party hear all your arguments and then say “I’ll think about it”...[Read more]

I have a shelf full of books on negotiation, all promising to change my life. But sometimes you find a simple rule set that really helps.[Read more]

Sydney Finkelstein researched why 50 former high-flying companies failed, and defined the Seven Habits of Spectacularly Unsuccessful Executives (SUEs)...[Read more]

OK, you have a plan, but how to communicate it without any ambiguity and as crisply as possible?[Read more]

If something in your car is broken, you can press and press the accelerator - but all that happens is a lot of noise from the engine, but no movement: something may be broken in the machinery.[Read more]

To keep costs down, I asked our receptionists one time if they could answer customer queries and complete simple documentation. I was taken aback when they said "No, definitely not"...[Read more]

Some people are just naturally persuasive: but it’s strange, all the studies show they talk less than others.[Read more]

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