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The older I get, the more I seem to be morphing into a trainer: I’ve developed a whole series of workshops on sales and management development. But still I meet people who are hesitant to take time out to learn new skills and perspectives.[Read more]

Most Sales Directors are very confident, and strong communicators, focussed on building a very positive feeling with customers. But sometimes you need to get beneath the surface, and understand what’s working and what’s not working.[Read more]

It’s hard to be on top form every day. But as a Leader it's your job to get yourself – and everyone around you – to that 10/10 feeling that is essential for top performance.[Read more]

We’ve all been in meetings that never seemed to get going, meetings that drivelled into existence, where everyone was instantly bored and passive.[Read more]

2 MINUTES to take action on immediate requests (phone, email, chat) ...handle it quickly or move it on.[Read more]

I have a collection of glossy, sexy, life-changing Time Management books. All are gathering dust.[Read more]

It's always said that you should catch your employees doing the right things and praise them, rather than wait till things go wrong and give them a hard time. But that's not easy to do in fast growing, fast-moving businesses.[Read more]

In all roles we have to work with other people, and gain their agreement: but it’s often hard to avoid saying no. Here are four proven ways to handle objections by saying Yes.[Read more]

Ok, you have a great grip on detail, you delegate well, your task definitions are models of clarity, and no-one, but no-one, can divert you from your goals. You’re a great Manager.[Read more]

They just come round too often: quarterly and yearly Kick Off meetings. What to say this time? In 30 years I’ve been to many, many KOs. Here’s a long list of possible topics: keep roughly to this order and you won’t go wrong...[Read more]

It happens to us all: things are going so well, and then suddenly a question arises we have no idea how to answer - sometimes you genuinely don't know the answer, other times you definitely don't like the direction the question will take the conversation.[Read more]

Some people shudder when they hear the word strategy. To them it means expensive days away in chain hotels, management consultancy jargon, endless opinionated chatter, well-rehearsed disagreements, and back in the real world nothing changes.[Read more]

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